Competention area:


UNIMAX provides its service to their customers in the following scope:

 1. Information Technology:
  1.1. Project Management;
  1.2. Project Management Audit;
  1.3. Quality Assurance;
  1.4. Outsourcing;
  1.5. Education.

 2. System Integration:
 System analysis and engineering, field-installations, performance tuning and service support of:
  2.1. RISC/UNIX, PC/UNIX and Wintel based workstations, servers, geographic highly available load balanced clusters, MPP supercomputers, industrial range Storage Systems and Mainframes (IBM, SUN, Compaq, HP, SCO, Novell, Microsoft);
  2.2. RDBMS: (Oracle Parallel Server, Progress, Informix);
  2.3. LAN and WAN (CISCO, Nortel), Telephony and Structured Cabling Systems;
  2.4. Internet sites for e-business developing, implementation and support.

 3. Information Security:
  3.1. Building of trusted information systems (including the Acquiring of the Russian State Technical Commission Certificate);
  3.2. Conventional security service integrated to information security (building of safe environment for protected production Information Systems).

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